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TelaForce delivers innovative information solutions and services customized to meet the ever changing technology needs of the state, local, federal, and public sector’s. From Cyber Security and Cloud Services to Drone Detection and Mobile Device Management, we have consistently been industry leaders in providing our customers with the technologies, processes, and solutions that reduce costs and enhance capabilities.

TelaForce is 100% focused on enterprise solutions for schools, states, counties and municipalities and with 20+ years of experience, offers broad, proven experience.

With average contract longevity of 15+years, TelaForce incorporates the ISO 20000 certified process into the service delivery model and provides well-managed, cost-effective support for virtually any IT infrastructure. This means you get remarkable results that meet – and often exceed – service level commitments.

"We have a long-standing record of achieving all service level metrics while expanding our scope of services” and offer “exceptional performance across all aspects of service delivery. Not a missed SLA in 10+ years."

The Largest County in the Mid-Atlantic

    A Partner for Success

    Whether you are modernizing yesterday’s investments or making way for tomorrow’s innovations, TelaForce has an outstanding history of delivering more than is expected. We are always pushing the limits to find better, faster ways to get the project done. Our staff and centers are all ISO 20000 certified with re-certification performed annually. Expert teams are custom-trained for each project and powerful service reporting dashboards keep your team up to date on the program’s performance.

    Strength & Substance

    TelaForce is capable of offering a wide variety of enterprise IT solutions and services to meet the needs of any public sector enterprise.  From Cyber Security and Cloud Services to Drone Detection and Mobile Device Management, we have the track record, confidence and experience to earn your trust and complete your mission. Learn more about our solutions  and why customers choose TelaForce .


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